We help entrepreneurs
create jaw-dropping brands with the power of AI

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I want in! 

In this 40 minute workshop you can discover exactly what we do to go from generating an idea, to how you want your brand to look and feel, to how we teach our students to use AI to execute a brand that is not only totally unique but feels exactly like them!

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We help entrepreneurs create
with the power of AI



See for yourself how AI is turning the art of branding upside down!

Trust us, you'll be kicking yourself if you miss it!

Get ready to flow your way through this entertaining training, as you uncover the secrets to creating a mood board and brand character that tells your story!

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out-of-this-world course: 


Brand Board Critiques

Training #6

From Vision to Reality: Implementing Your Brand Strategy

Training #5

Final Brand Board: Bringing it All Together!

Training #4

Mood Board Mastery: Crafting Your Brand Aesthetic

Training #3

The Power of Brand Character:
Sub Brand Vs. Parent Brand

Training #2

Don't DIY Your Brand without these 3 Things!

Training #1


You're going to experience massive growth and remarkable breakthroughs in your brand!This is your moment – your invitation to join this amazing community of beta testers for this biz-changing course.. 

This will awaken your true potential and elevate your brand like never before.  

Let the metamorphosis of crafting your professional brand – begin!

Get ready for the extraordinary journey of the select few who've tapped into the transformative power of AI

If you're not familiar with me...

Well here is my story... 

After starting my first design business at the age of 16 years old, I knew graphic design was a serious passion.

I went to University of Oregon where I got a Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia Design, an MBA in Marketing and then went on to design as a Senior Designer at Nike.

I also returned to University of Oregon as an associate professor of Design and Entrepreneurship. 

I've taught for the Forbes School of Business.  

I've been quoted in Gary Vaynerchuk's book "Crushing it".

I have generated over 3 million dollars selling online courses and helping people create brands on a wide variety of topics and industries. 

My specialties lie with personal branding, character development, teaching NON-Designers how to Design, and helping people create winning offers that sell!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to this course?
You will have access to this course for 10 days from the start. 

Can I invite anyone to join me in this beta course?
Absolutely! Please invite anyone you think would benefit or enjoy this course! You can send them this link to apply. 

Is there a cost to join this course?
This course is completely free, however, you will only have access for 10 days and then we will be selling it for $500. 

Have a question I didn't answer? 
Email us at hello@secretaisociety.com

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