At Secret Ai Society, we understand that launching a new brand or rebranding is no longer just about having a great idea...

It's about having something that sticks out in a sea of everyone else who is doing something similar. 

How do do you do this? 

With the power of Ai! 

We're here to help entrepreneurs solve the biggest problem they face: having a brand that feels authentic and attracts their ideal client on a daily basis.

With our proven system, we take you from brand concept and theme, to a highly profitable and memorable brand. 

We work hand-in-hand with our members to build marketing and sales assets that find, engage, educate, and convert strangers into happy, paying customers in record time with the power of Artificial Intelligence. 

And our co-founder, Jenna Soard, and student coaches bring their expertise as launch strategists, branding experts and more to every project, ensuring that our clients get the best possible results. 

At Secret Ai Society, we're passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and build successful online brand businesses that make a real impact in the world with the most current innovation in technology and creative problem solving as possible.

About Us.

Jenna Soard
I am a former Nike Designer, former University of Oregon professor of Design and the Forbes School of Business.  

I help entrepreneurs create jaw-dropping and innovative brands with the power of artificial intelligence.

With my tried and true personal brand methods, I teach people all over the world how to launch their brand online with the power of Ai, organic and paid strategies.

My courses and teachings are designed to help individuals reach their full potential and become successful in the world of online entrepreneurship.

Luke Pancoe
My journey with Jenna Soard, my business partner and friend, started when I enrolled in her launch program for my Italian language course. With Jenna's guidance and support, I was able to launch my course and make six-figures.

While building my Italian language business, I discovered my natural talents and passion for running businesses, which led me to change directions and explore this new found talent.

Jenna and I remained close friends over the years and when she saw how successful her students were with her branding methods, she knew she needed help to reach more people and impact more lives. 

That's when we decided to join forces and scale Secret AI Society.

Together, Jenna and I make an unstoppable team, helping entrepreneurs like you create jaw-dropping brands for their busineses.

Our Founders

Jeremy Nguyen
ChatGPT Expert, Tenured Professor of Fun

Brienne Williams
Magnetic Messaging and Instagram

Lizz Smoak
Biz Clarity + Lead Gen Belle

James "Coop" Cooper
AI Video + Storytelling Slayer

Marisol Rios
Head Coach + Design Ninja


Kaitlyn Fusco
Customer Service Crusher

Bess Abesamis
AI Design Slayer

Brad Newman
Hype Man + Conversion Strategist

Tony DiBernardo
TikTok Content + Affiliate King

Katie Pancoe
Co-Founder | Data Queen

Luke Pancoe
Co-Founder | The CEO

Jenna Soard
Co-Founder | Chief AI Visionary

Who we are...