Design a Jaw Dropping
Brand with AI 

It's time to stop having brand design that doesn't feel like

the best version of YOU!

Instead, you can discover how to brand yourself in a way that is easy, fun, and will save you thousands and make you or your business look like a million dollar brand 

(without the cost!)

That Elevates Your Confidence, Unlocks Freedom, Builds Legacy, and Amplifies Your Impact

...the best version of YOU!

It's time to stop having brand design that doesn't feel like

  • Tired of having a brand websites, sales pages, social content and ad creatives that don't feel like YOU!
  • Frustrated that your current brand doesn't position you as an authority & doesn't attract your ideal clients.
  • Ready to give up because your current brand is not converting!

If you are...

You want a brand design that                                                      so you thought about...

makes you 

feel proud




You’re not ready to invest thousands of dollars in a designer 

Often the affordable designers are not experts in your industry

And you don't know how to get what you want
with a designer



You can't seem to get what's in your head out  

Nothing feels cohesive or professional when you DIY 

DIY-ing your brand has been a hodgepodge

a Brand Photographer


You haven't found a brand photographer that truly GETS YOU

You don't have any ideas for what to do in your photoshoot

You feel like you're waiting to feel confident to do a shoot

Now, you’re looking for a way to get your ideal client
 to stop and pay attention...

You want a brand design that   
so you thought about...

makes you feel proud

Here's something to consider...

What if you could stop trying to walk around with brand shame?

What if you created something that felt so much like the best version of you, that you were excited to promote your stuff...

Instead of creating yet another brand design, where you look like every other coach, consultant, course creator or small business owner?

What if your brand made you look like the million dollar expert you're stepping into.

Don't believe it?

Keep scrolling and I'll show you how! 👇

My dynamic, scroll-stopping personal brand design has helped me generate 

MY CHARACTER BRAND has gotten me quoted in famous books, has lead to media attention and has positioned me as an authority in my industry.


Because it showcases my personality and attracts my ideal client WITH AUTHORITY, in a way that does NOT FEEL COOKIE-CUTTER.

My dynamic, scroll-stopping personal brand design has helped me generate 

over $4 million in sales

To be frank, designing a million dollar brand came with a lot of 

When I first started out I hired a "hollywood" photographer to do headshots for my brand and I ended up looking like a grumpy sad chinchilla. 🤣

I went to a networking event and someone told me "Girl, you need new brand images!" 

 I was super sad and offended because I had spent my last dollar on getting these photos taken. 😭


A "real" photo shoot
that failed



With a lackluster DIY'd brand 😭

My brand lacked professionalism for years because of time/money and trying to be "skinny enough" to get brand pics taken.

😔 Procrastinating made sales not happen. 😔

❌ I was plagued with brand shame so I didn't want to promote myself. ❌

I felt like I was never going to be successful.

And I felt doomed because I couldn't figure out what to do. 🤷‍♀️

I don't wake up every day looking like a pinup. Let's face it most days I'm in yoga pants with my hair in a knot.

BUUUT, I wanted something that would feel like my vibe, energy, but a fantasy version so that I could have confidence, before I had the confidence. 

👇 This is the Brand Character is me as "Pinup Amelia Earhart" in 2013 👇

I needed to create a brand character, that wasn't exactly the most realistic version of me...


It was based on an actual photo of me taken in a studio --- there was no AI doing this type of thing in 2013. 

This required with so much time, effort, photoshopping, buying costumes, it was not easy, cost thousands of dollars and I could only do this maybe 1x a year.  
This is not realistic for most business owners, especially those on a budget

...and this character of me brought in MILLIONS IN SALES OVER THE LAST DECADE!

But now, in 2024, with the invention of jaw-dropping Artificial Intelligence...Look at what is possible 


👆 These are all made with Artificial Intelligence? 👆

 Isn't this mind-boggling that these aren't real photos?


Right after I changed all my ad creatives to Ai Art + AI Character Branded Images here's what happened...
My ad costs dropped by 80%
🎉My conversion rates increased by 200%
Just from switching to specific styles of ai art in my ads 🙌



The first AI brand photography and design membership that will help you DIY your brand with LOTS OF HANDHOLDING to a level up so professional that people will stop, take notice and you'll get more inquiries about working with you than ever before!

Want to see how this Membership works?

With just 6 Step-By-Step Mini Courses

Create your dream brand using Artificial Intelligence, eliminating the need for a designer or photographer!

Discover how to turn yourself into a character with a concept, theme, and brand colors you'll love!

Learn the everything from basics to advanced on how to create AI images that get attention!

Create endless images of yourself in any kind of outfit, environment, and style that will follow the clear strategy you've created.

Learn how to execute proper designs on any platform you use (even if you've never designed before, 

Design a jaw-dropping highly converting sites and pages with the power of Ai.
Like the one you're on right now!

Grow Your Email List with AI Images through Organic and Paid Strategies

Jeremy Nguyen
ChatGPT Expert, Tenured Professor of Fun

Brienne Williams
Magnetic Messaging and Instagram

Jono Boyer
Adobe + AI Brand Design Wizard
(Former Levi's Designer)

Lizz Smoak
Biz Clarity + Lead Gen Belle

James "Coop" Cooper
AI Video + Storytelling Slayer

Marisol Rios
Head Coach + Design Ninja


About Your Creative Leader

Jenna Soard

After starting her first design business at the age of 16 years old, Jenna knew graphic design was a serious passion.

She went to University of Oregon where she got a Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia Design, an MBA in Marketing and then went on to design as a Senior Designer at Nike.

She also returned to University of Oregon as an associate professor of Design and Entrepreneurship. 

She's taught for the Forbes School of Business.  

She's been quoted in Gary Vaynerchuk's book "Crushing it".

She has generated over $4 million dollars selling online courses and helping people create brands on a wide variety of topics and industries. 

Her specialties lies with personal branding, character development, teaching NON-Designers how to Design, and helping people create winning offers that sell!


Watch a sneak preview of what's inside...



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12 Months Access

6 mini-courses with step-by-step bite sized videos

Pay in Full for $1999 
Payment Options

Our Amazing Community for accountability, connection and support

Feedback on your brand images, content, websites, sales pages and strategy in the community

Monthly updates on “What’s New in AI”

Bi-Weekly Office Hours with Feedback from Jenna

7 Live Coaching Calls with Student Coaches around AI Design, ChatGPT, video content, messaging every week

Workshops around using AI for prints, animations, NFTs and more

Get paid to create job opportunities

BONUS 1: You Can Launch Program Self Study (Sells for $15,000 with coaching) to launch your online program in less than 14 days! Click to learn more about this special bonus.

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BONUS 3:Website in a Day Template

PAY IN FULL BONUS ONLY: Get a Custom AI Mini Brand Photoshoot made by Jenna & the team (Value $2,000)


Christine Knight makes $10k a month, fills up her practice, just by using an AI mermaid image and following our organic social media strategy for her hypnotherapy business...

Nicole now has a thriving design business now that she has refreshed her design skills by learning AI Design and developed her own unique strategies by what she learned in the membership!

Member Portfolio: Nicole DiCristifaro

Laura has been able to re-brand her jewelry company AND create a personal brand in record time.

Member Highlight: Laura "Sparkling Alchemist"

Case Study: Christine Knight

Juanita has a mystery script business and discovered through the power of AI she could create amazing "CLUES" for her business that saved her so much time, money and helped her increase the value for her customers. She's used AI to design illustrations for her books and so much more!

Member Highlight: Juanita
the Mystery Script Writer!

Debi has been a very valuable and wonderful member in the membership. She discovered by attending our many weekly coaching calls that she was having breakthrough after breakthrough in her business! Which has allowed her to go on helping her clients even more effectively than every before!

Member Highlight: Debi Brady


Q: What is the Secret Ai Society: Membership?
A: Mastery is our high level membership designed to help coaches, course creators, and small business owners create a brand that looks like it cost a million dollars to create but instead was created quickly, easily and efficiently with AI. We know that your brand doesn't start with just an Ai Photoshoot -- you need a strategy for your organic content and paid ads to grow your following and email list, sales pages that convert to sell your programs, digital products, and a highly converting website that communicates your authority.  

Q: What is included in the membership?
A: The membership includes:
  • AI Brand Strategy: Develop a captivating concept and theme tailored to attract your dream clients.
  • AI Basics: Detailed video tutorials taking you from novice to expert.
  • AI Brand Photoshoot: Bring your brand to life like never before.
  • Graphic Design Principles: Craft images and visuals that align with your brand
  • AI Sales Page & Website Design: Perfect for those who aren't tech-savvy or design pros.
  • Grow Your List with AI: Both paid and organic strategies to amplify your reach.
Plus, you get exclusive access to bi-monthly co-working sessions with Jenna, keeping you updated with rapid AI advancements. And that's not all! Dive into weekly coaching sessions on Magnetic Messaging, Adobe + AI Products, Chat GPT, and Video Content with our expert coaches. 

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: We have our Happy Student, Happy Wallet Guarantee: If Our Membership Isn't Your Cup of Tea, We'll Brew You a Full Refund within 7 Days! Sip Away Risk-Free! Just shoot us an email or message and we'll get that taken care of right away.

Q: Do I need to have a course, service or product ready to take advantage of branding myself?
A: No, this membership is for anyone who is starting out and wants to feel confident in growing their email list, community, or even get their first sales. It will also work brilliantly for those who have these things and are looking for a complete re-brand or updated look and feel to their already rocking business.

Q: Will this work for new coaches just start out?
A: Yes, you will be able to start growing your email list and create captivating social content to get more leads, followers, and interest in your products even before you start to create them.

Q: Is this only for business coaches?
A: No, this can be for anyone looking to brand themselves in any profession. We find that coaches, course creators, consultants, service professionals and aspiring creatives do the best in this program.

Q: I don't have an audience or email list yet. Is that a problem?
A: No, with our organic and paid strategies you'll be able to grow your email list, use the creatives you're making for ads, selling people organically into mini-workshops, webinars, or small ticket items as well as using the same strategies to get beta testers or sales calls.

Q: When will I get access to the program?
A: You will receive an email with access to our online course platform and community with clear onboarding directions to hit the ground running immediately after purchase.

Q: Can I join the program later?
A: Yes, you can join later, but the price may increase over time. It has consistently increased in the past and we plan to continue to increase the price over time as we continue to add more to the membership and make sure we can maintain and support our current members in the best way possible. The longer you wait the more you might have to pay. People who join now get grandfathered into the current price and never have to pay more even with any futures price increases! PLUS access to join this secret membership is limited and not often open publicly. If you wait to purchase... who knows the next time it will open up again to join.  Also in the future we may change these current bonuses, if you join now you get these bonuses + future bonuses, if you wait you'll only get the bonuses at the time of your enrollment. The longer you're a member the more bonuses you get!


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